KBHR Consulting Services, LLC


As a transformational and continuous learning organization, KBHR Consulting Services is committed to providing the highest quality of services to help clients promote produce a competitive advantage with the global marketplace.
We are the future of Human Resources Consulting! The 21st Century is the era of Service, and our company is perfectly positioned to help organizations meet their business agenda and objectives. 
KBHR Consulting Services, LLC offers the following services: EEO Investigation/Counseling, Talent Acquisition and Onboarding, Employment Verification / Background Checks , Employee Training Provider Services, Employee and Labor Relations and HR Audits.
New Challenges are constantly surfacing for organizations who desire a work environment free from harassment, discrimination and policy violations. In postmodern society, individuals and groups may of social media  or other technology to convey allegations of misconduct.
In light of the incident when former U.S.D.A. Georgia’s State Rural Development Director Shirley Sherrod was forced to resign prior to a full and accurate assessment of the allegation, an incident such as this demonstrates the importance of organization in both the public and private sector completing its due diligence.
The lack of due diligence may impact the employee, the organization and its brand. It has become increasingly crucial for organizations to complete timely and through investigations to resolve issues and concerns for of the parties involved.
As a company offering EEO Investigation and Counseling Services, along with many other core Human Resources services, KBHR Consulting Services can help to eliminate “headline risks” and legal implications to your organization.
KBHR Consulting Services will work to eradicate disruptions and advise your organization on how to avoid threats, which can both be embarrassing and costly.  We will make recommendations on ways to avoid a crisis and to prevent multiple and recurring incidents.
KBHR Consulting Services will also make recommendation for training and other resources which will help support your employees, your customers, suppliers and stakeholders.