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  1. Network Tuesday
    25 Oct, 2016
    Network Tuesday
    Network Work Tuesday - Entreprenuers Supporting Entreprenuers For this week, I attended a networking event hosted by Entrepreneurs Supporting Entrepreneurs!  The group’s topic “How to Design a Business Card”. After a brief introduction of each person in attendance (with other Entrepreneurs whose ambition is to prospect for potential clients) we began our discussion of on “How to Design a Business Card. The business cards were as unique as the individuals within the room.  Each of us took the
  2. Management Monday
    24 Oct, 2016
    Management Monday
    Reaching one’s dream requires dedication, persistence and a commitment to sustain and cultivate it into existence. I can assure you that my dream of starting and growing my business is consistent to millions of other entrepreneurs who like myself decided for good reasons to become an employer versus an employee. The reasons to start such a journey varies from individual to individual; however, I believe that those who have brought their dreams of into fruition has done so by first setting