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Management Monday

Management Monday

Monday, October 24, 2016




  1. Blogging - The Journey Begins
    23 Oct, 2016
    Blogging - The Journey Begins
    My Blogging Journey - Begins Here!  So, I have no idea if people will find the contents of my blogging journey interesting, nevertheless the journey starts now.  As a Human Resources Practitioner and someone who is confident in her abilities to lead and manage in very successful organizations, I'm going to disclose the good, bad and sometime indifferent process to getting a Human Resources Consultant Firm off the ground, up and running. I have been on path and goal to create and establish my
  2. Finance Friday
    28 Oct, 2016
    Finance Friday
    In the terms of managing and operating a business, nothing says it better than the sign below:
  3. Technology Thursday
    27 Oct, 2016
    Technology Thursday
    Technology Thursday: To remain competitive businesses are often willing to invest into technology to increase efficiency within the workplace. Many times, when leaders think of technology, they think of hardware or software which will improve the business services or products. However, Human Resources Business Partners are encouraged to become actively involved in making recommendations on software or applications which could help enhance employee productivity. Business partners may find that
  4. Wisdom Wedneday
    26 Oct, 2016
    Wisdom Wedneday
    Here's a thought for Wisdom Wednesday:
  5. Network Tuesday
    25 Oct, 2016
    Network Tuesday
    Network Work Tuesday - Entreprenuers Supporting Entreprenuers For this week, I attended a networking event hosted by Entrepreneurs Supporting Entrepreneurs!  The group’s topic “How to Design a Business Card”. After a brief introduction of each person in attendance (with other Entrepreneurs whose ambition is to prospect for potential clients) we began our discussion of on “How to Design a Business Card. The business cards were as unique as the individuals within the room.  Each of us took the