KBHR Consulting Services, LLC

Our Services

Equal Employment Opportunity 

Employee and Labor Relations

Talent Acquistion and Onboarding

We will support your organization by providing advise regarding performance management and associate disciplinary actions. We will help you to address employee complaints and respond to questions and concerns in a timely manner to minimize issues that could create risk.
Let us help you acquire human talent which will support your organizational needs. When your company acquires talent, the next approach is to keep them engaged and committed to the organizational culture through the Onboarding process. 
Through Onboarding, we will make certain that your associates understand their job duties and responsibilities, the company's culture, the rules, policies and procedures.
We will assist your organization in handling of discrimination and harrassment charges. We  would help your company ascertain the validity of the allegation and offer recommendations on the findings. 
We will also provide counsel and training on ways to prevent and avoid discriminating and harrassing behaviors and actions in the workplace.

Human Resources Audits

Employment Verification / Background Checks

Employee Training

We will assist your company in completing a comprehensive review of your human resources policies, procedures, documentation and systems necessary to identify the need for improvement and to assess compliance with ever-changing rules and regulations.
Prior to hiring let our company help to ensure that your applicant data and employment history is accurate. This service will help employers verify the employability of potential candidates and that they will acquire talent needed for the position.
To keep your associates well-informed of the changing technologies, rules and regulations; let us make certain that they are effectively and skillfully trained to performed their job duties and responsibilities.